International Symposium of Cerisy

Mastering Time and shaping History
Norman historians in medieval and modern times


International Cultural Center of Cerisy / Avranches (France)
25-29 september 2019

Call for paper

Mastering Time and shaping History. Norman historians in medieval and modern times. Cerisy-la-Salle / Avranches. 25-29 september 2019.

Communications will last 30 minutes; they can be in multiple voices and can be given in French, English or Italian. We encourage participants to provide French-language paper or powerpoint support for English and Italian speakers and English one for French speakers. The selected contributions will be published in the proceedings of the conference (finalized texts to be delivered by December 31, 2019).


Proposals must be sent before 30th September 2018 on the symposium website. This deposit requires registration on the Sciencesconf site (it is nevertheless possible to connect with its identifier Hal). Applications will include:

o The title of the proposed paper (in French, English and Italian);
o A summary of c. 500 words (in French, English or Italian);
o A short biography and a bibliography of the communicator.

The accommodation of the speakers at the castle, catering, visits (Scriptorial and Heritage Library of Avranches) and transport on site will be supported. For transport to Cerisy-la-Salle, the speakers are invited to first make a request to their home institution. In case of refusal or partial payment, they can make a request for funding to the organizers of the conference. Nevertheless, each situation will be studied on a case-by-case basis and priority will be given to prospective master's or thesis students.

For any question, do not hesitate to contact Stéphane Lecouteux ( and Fabien Paquet (


Scientific Committee

- Edoardo D'ANGELO, Professor, Universita degli studi Suor Orsola Benincasa (Naples)
- Marie-Agnès LUCAS AVENEL, Associate Professor, University of Caen Normandy / Craham
- Pierre BAUDUIN, Professor, University of Caen Normandy / Craham
- Alexis GRÉLOIS, Associate Professor, University of Rouen Normandie / Grhis
- Elisabeth VAN HOUTS, Professor, University of Cambridge (Emmanuel College)
- Christophe MANEUVRIER, Associate Professor, University of Caen Normandy / Craham / Ouen
- Laurence MATHEY-MAILLE, Professor, University of Le Havre Normandy / Gric
- Annick PETERS-CUSTOT, Professor, University of Nantes / Crhia



- Stéphane LECOUTEUX, head of the Avranches heritage library, University of Caen Normandy / Craham
- Fabien PAQUET, associate of history, University of Caen Normandy / Craham


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